Yes, You Can Have A Dog And A Clean House

If you have indoor dogs or cats, you know how difficult it can be to keep the house clean. Combine hair, dirt and everything they bring in with them, and it's no wonder you feel like you're cleaning all the time.

Here are a few ideas to keep on top of the mess and have plenty of time for puppy cuddles.

* Make playtime grooming time, too. Give them a quick brush while you're giving belly rubs.

* Keep a towel by the door so you can wipe off paws before they come inside.

* The handheld vacuum is your best friend, especially when it's a struggle to bring out the big one.

* Stock lint rollers in the closets to roll away fur before you walk out the door.

* Baths are great, but not too frequently or you'll dry out their skin and get rid of the natural oils.

* Have plenty of fabric refresher and carpet powder on hand for keeping a handle on smells.

* Keep food and treats in a single location so crumbs and drool don't go everywhere.

* Clean the dog or cat bed on a regular basis.

* Do a mini-clean every morning or evening to get fur up off the floors.

* Pet blankets specifically for the furniture will save wear and tear on the upholstery, and they can be easily thrown in the washer.

* Slightly dampened rubber gloves will get the fur off almost anything.

Bonus: If you teach your dog to put away her own toys, you'll never have to corral them all ever again!


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