Simple DIY Beaded Keychains

We're having so much fun putting together goodie bags and door prizes for our upcoming ladies retreat at the church. So many of our ladies have donated craft supplies, decorations, time and energy to treat our visitors to an amazing time. These keychains are just one of the gifts some of the attendees will find in their bags.

All you need to make them are a variety of beads, some fairly thin yet sturdy cord and a jump ring.

Cut a length of cord, fold it in half and string it through the jump ring.

String matching beads on both sides.

And tie it off with a double knot. So simple, yet so pretty.

Here's another variation: Cut a length of cord, fold it in half and thread it through a jump ring.

Tie one or two beads on one side and tie it off with a knot.

Make the other side longer with additional letters and beads before tying it off.

Make a variety of lengths, colors, patterns and phrases so no two are alike.


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