How About This Instead Of A Resolution?

Has this ever happened to you: you start the new year with a handful of resolutions that will make you healthier, smarter, prettier and more spiritual. You're motivated and ready to go, and you do perry well for a while.

But then your schedule stops you, your relationships hold you back, your plans fall apart and soon you've decided it's easier to just go back to the way you lived before your resolutions.

Sound familiar? For most of us, this is what the first few weeks (ok, days) of the year look like. There's no lasting motivation to keep going with that exercise plan, Bible study or house cleaning schedule, so it falls by the wayside.

Unfortunately, this also means that our spirits take a beating. Our best intentions turn into something we stick in the back of a closet, only to be pulled out again next January. Suddenly we're depressed and discouraged because we're failed once again.

This year, instead of a resolution, let's turn half a dozen things we would love to attempt into reality. Think about those things you've read about, dreamt about and maybe even resolved to do before. Make these your goals for 2017 rather than something unobtainable that sounded good at the time.

1. A person you'd like to contact
2. A food you'd love to try
3. A habit you want to break
4. A skill you'd like to learn
5. A place you've always wanted to visit
6. A book you'd love to read

With only six small things, you can do one every other month and be done by December. You'll have accomplished six things, in their entirety. Doesn't that sound more doable than losing 97 pounds, organizing the entire house or journaling for 365 straight days?

Share your list with someone who loves you and can support you in your six goals. They'll hold you accountable and cheer you on along the way. You can also share it here as a comment so your Victorious Christian Woman sisters in Christ can encourage you, too.


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