A Fun Way To Display Your Handmade Cards

I'm always looking for new and fun ways to update my craft show display, and I'm looking forward to using this large card display this spring.

It started out as just a large picture frame from the thrift shop.

Then I took out the not-so-pretty picture and paper off the back.

We have several rolls of chicken wire in the big garage, so I chose the smallest gauge wire for this frame.

You have to place it and stretch it just enough that the staple actually has something to hold on to. If you can get it at a major junction of wire, that's the best.

A pair of wire cutters makes cleaning up the edges a snap.

And here it is all finished. 

I plan to choose my favorite, most colorful cards to display on it to catch shoppers' attention as they walk through. Normally I have all my cards lined up in a box for them to flip through, so this will be something different and interesting to look at.


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