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Let It Snow Winter Wreath

The weather outside is frightful, but it's absolutely delightful to have a winter-themed wreath inside!

This mesh wreath is so perfect for a snowy day, and all the sparkle is just fun. 

I've had this snowy blue mesh for a couple of years now. I originally picked it up on after-Christmas clearance so I could use it for bulletin boards. It makes a great snowy backdrop. So I bought all 10 rolls of it, you know ... just in case. The wreath form is from the dollar store, so that was pretty great, too.

I started by cutting the mesh in half lengthwise. I didn't want the wreath to be overly thick, and this makes for twice the length without buying twice the mesh.

A small disclaimer - I have never made a wreath like this before, but I knew what I wanted it to look like. I created a technique that made that happen. So here's what I did: I tied one end of the mesh to the frame at one of the cross bars. Starting at one side, I pulled the entire length of mesh through the first op…

A Tribute To My Veteran

Thank you for your service. Five little words that can have a huge impact in the life of a serviceman.
 As the wife of a retired Army soldier, I have seen firsthand everything that is sacrificed and given to our Armed Forces. My husband devoted more than 20 years of his life to the military, and it is with a grateful heart that I thank Danny for his service.
I love hearing stories from soldiers, where they served, what they did and how their lives and hearts were changed during the time they served our country. My heart is always blessed by the men and women who willingly offered their time and their gifts to make our military a better place. 
Today, and every day, I thank my family and friends who served. Freedom is not free, and your efforts have truly made a difference. Thank you for everything you sacrificed and for giving your all for the people of America.
On this Veteran's Day, I pray that we will all take time to thank all our veterans for their service. They deserve all …

Rejoice Because Jesus Passed By

In the very first sentence of John’s account of the blind man healed, we read those amazing words: Jesus passed by. This is the third time in the Gospel we see that Jesus passed by someone and changed their lives.

In Matthew 20, two blind men were sitting by the side of the road when they learned that Jesus was coming their way. Hearing this, they cried out to Him in faith. When He asked them what they wanted Him to do exactly, these men both replied that they desired nothing more than to have their eyes opened.
So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed Him. Matthew 20:34

In Mark 2, Matthew (Levi) is sitting at his desk, minding his own business collecting taxes, when Jesus passed by him. And in a moment his life was changed forever.

And as he passed by, he saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me. And he arose and followed him. Mark 2:14

In both of these accou…

How To Make Number Cakes With Just Two Shapes

For Danny’s 50th birthday party, I made number-shaped cakes in three flavors - vanilla, chocolate and spice. They also had three different frostings - buttercream, cream cheese and Nutella. You can click HERE for the Nutella frosting recipe. You’ll be glad you tried it!

For some reason, making shaped cakes has always seemed like something difficult and fancy that I could never do. I love decorating cakes and would do that part every day if I could, but to cut and shape and turn cake into something beautiful always felt a little out of my wheelhouse.

All you need to create fun, yummy numbers are two 8-inch circle cake pans and two regular-sized loaf pans. From there, choose your flavors and get to baking!

To make the five and zero pictured here, I started with two circles and two loaves. Using a small circle bowl as a guide, I cut the center out of each one. For the five, I cut a notch out of the left side of the circle, then cut off 1/3 of the first loaf cake, leaving the other 2/3 i…

Words For Wednesday


Cold Weather Days Bring Out The Puppies In Our Dogs

It looks and feels like fall in southeast Iowa this week. We even had a taste of winter last week with a day of snow! These cool, crisp days always bring out the puppy in our dogs, who are torn between playing outside and curling up inside where it’s warm. Over the weekend Callie learned that she can get up in the papasan chair and have some cozy naps.

Danny’s parents have been with us for the past three weeks, and their dog Triniti got to run with the big dogs. She was just as excited about running around outside as our puppers, but it was also good to watch the wildlife go by from the inside.

Cold weather means they want to play outside, but they really don’t once they get out there. Then we get these pitiful looks through the door, trying to stir up enough sympathy for someone to let them back in.

Our basement is always 10-15 degrees cooler than the main floor, so staying close together and under blankets becomes a necessity during the fall and winter months. Needless to say, that…

A Test Of Your Patience

When was the last time you tried to make a line of dominoes so you could watch it topple? If you’ve not made a domino race since you were a kid, I suggest you try it now that you’re an adult. Not that age makes a difference, but it’s just as much fun!
There are several reasons this game is so difficult. First, you have to have steady hands, which some of us (me) do not. You have to be incredibly careful as you add the next domino so you don’t topple your entire creation before you’re ready. And you don’t want anyone even breathing in the vicinity of your layout or all that hard work will be in vain.
What makes it so difficult to be patient? Is it our need for immediate gratification? Our desire to hurry up and move on to the next thing? The feeling that we’ll miss out if don’t get a move on?
And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ. 2 Thessalonians 3:5
This letter to the church at Thessalonians was written just a few years after Jesus a…

Sunday Sketch

I had a special order this week that was a little more detailed than usual. These two cards are for a friend’s war room, where she can see them and pray the truth of these verses every day. I love being a part of something this special and this powerful.

The difficulty in creating them, though, is there is a lot of text and she wanted a certain layout for both of them. It would have looked cluttered with printed-out words individually attached to the paper, so it was much easier to design them on the computer and print them out. Hopefully that’s not cheating because they turned out beautifully.

I used Canva for the layouts, a design program that I hope you’ve checked out from previous posts. They’re my go-to at work when I’m creating social media, it’s super easy and the results are gorgeous. Give them a try for the layouts I used for today’s post or use the program you’re most comfortable with.

When I print a layout, like the two cards above, I always mat them on at least two colors…

My Sweetheart Celebrates His 50th Birthday!

My amazing husband turns 50 years old later this evening. I am blessed beyond measure that God has chosen this man for me and that we have celebrated another year of his life together. And what a year it’s been.

Danny is such a man after God’s own heart, and he makes everything we do so much fun. He also puts his heart and soul into his work, helping families when they need it most. He loves his job, his family and his church. I’m so grateful for the ways he shows all of us that we are his priority.

My prayer today is that God blesses my husband with another 50 years - at least - to work for Him on this earth. May the next half a century be as amazing as the first! I love you, sweetheart. Happy birthday!