My “Yay - Wake Up And Be Happy” Planner Layout

This is the last week of September. Logically that means this is also the first week of October. Just typing that seems weird, like all the other weirdness of this year. So this week’s planner layout is filled with bright colors and some words of encouragement - both of which we need a lot more of, right?

I’ve not been using the left hand text boxes lately, so this week I created some journal blocks I love. I’m going to fill in “Documented,” “I love this,” “Best Ever” and “Happy Day” to write down the blessings, thoughts, ideas and moments that round out the end of this month. We also have to sit down and plan out some meals for this busy week, which is one of my favorite things to do! 

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” Between this great quote, some incredibly happy little stars and those bright colors, my planner is on smile-overload for the next few days! Why have a boring piece of paper when you can dress it up a little? What can you do to make your week …

Turn Your Pile Of Fall Supplies Into Decor In One Afternoon

It’s officially fall, my favorite time of the year! Not only does it mean pulling out my sweaters and drinking hot apple cider, but it also means unearthing my boxes of autumn decorations. I never do the same project twice, even if it’s something I really loved, so at the end of the season I tear it all down and pack it away. Plus, I add a few new pieces that will make everything seem new again.

This year all my fall pieces filled the entire dining room table, something that completely took me by surprise. These are my favorite colors and textures - I just didn’t realize I had collected so much. Seeing it spread out all in one place made turning all these bits into three beautiful autumn pieces.

This year I chose three different containers: a flat serving plate, a low basket a tall basket. From there, it was just a matter of combining leaf garlands, fabric flowers and all those great odds and ends into full, beautiful centerpieces.

 If you haven’t already decorated for fall, I encourage …

Words For Wednesday


The Sweetest Cookie Sandwich Frosting Ever

One of my favorite parts of the week is deciding what treats I’m going to make for youth group. Usually it’s something that sort-of-somewhat coordinating with the theme of our lesson. For example, Wednesday night we’re studying the fruit of the Spirit, so we’ll have fruit salad. Clever, I know.
This past Sunday, though, our treat had absolutely nothing to do with our lesson. I just wanted to make an ooey-gooey cookie sandwich that would make the roof of their mouths tingle. (And mine too, because no one gives gifts of food without trying it for themselves. Right?) So my homemade frosting turned store-bought cookies into something very special.
Ingredients:  2 sticks butter, softened 1 7-oz jar of marshmallow fluff 2 Tbsp vanilla  2 cups powdered sugar (with more on hand if you want it) 3 Tbsp milk 24 cookies
1. Put two sticks of softened butter in the bowl of a stand mixer, then add fluff and vanilla. Beat on medium speed until completely combined and creamy.
2. On low speed, mix in powdered su…

Gone Fishin’ - Because First I Seek Him

“It’s my way or the highway.”“I deserve this.” “This is what I want.”
Society has conditioned us to do what we want because time is short and we only live once. We wouldn’t want to miss out on anything or regret not doing something. Just do it. Get that thing. Go to that place. Say those words.
“Me first.”
If only that mindset actually worked. But it doesn’t. Moses knew it in his day, just as we do now, that living for self means we’re missing out on some very important things.
But if from thence thou shalt see the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul. When thou art in tribulation, and all these things are come upon thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the LORD thy God, and shall be obedient unto his voice; (For the LORD thy God is a merciful God;) he will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget the covenant of thy fathers which he sware unto them. Deuteronomy 4:29-31
Me first to God first? The choice is mine every…

My “First Day Of Fall” Planner Layout

It’s finally here! This week is the first day of fall, and I’m so excited! Fall means sweaters, scarves, apple cider, fluffy blankets and bonfires. It also means several new projects at work, special youth group events and some exciting news from Stuff From Trees. Stayed tuned for that one.

So my planner this week has pumpkins and leaves, two of my favorites, in all the strategic locations. I have many, many requests in my prayer list right now, so there is plenty of space of my left hand page for all of them ... maybe. I always use stickers or washi tape to cover the titles printed in my planner because I never use them for those specific reasons, so this time I used coordinating images to make it easy to create my own titles. We have a freezer full of Butcher Box meat right now, so that meal planning space will get filled in quickly.

The quote on the top of my right and page always makes me smile - because I just want to be fall-y! The leaves around our property are really beginning t…

Using Stickers And Ink To Create Reverse Titles

Believe it or not, I’ve picked out my planner for 2021. Before you roll your eyes, I can explain. 1. I’m already excited about a new year coming, and I’m sure you can understand that. 2. I love new projects, and this is definitely a long-term project. 3. It’s paper, and I can’t say no to paper. 4. It’s a blank, empty book, and that’s hard to resist, too. For all these reasons, I’m putting together the January section exactly the way I want it.

To start, I cut a piece of white card stock to the same size as my planner pages. Then I arranged the letter stickers in a cascade down the page.

Using a really stiff paint brush (because I can’t find my handy dandy stipple brushes anywhere - insert eye roll here), I stippled gold ink over each letter creating a halo around the stickers.

Then, when you peel them away, they leave a perfect white letter in a cascade of gold ink.

The effect looks like a cloud of loveliness around the title.

To complete the look, I stippled around the edges, too. I love …