My “Fall Blessings” Planner Layout

Here are my colors! Those deep, rich colors of fall are my favorites, so this week’s planner spread is full of them. Other than putting a lion’s mane on our Great Dane and making her queen of the jungle, we don’t celebrate Halloween, so I chose an autumn-themed week instead.

I mixed several sets of journal blocks and embellishments together this week, and they all coordinate like they were made to work as a team! I designed this left hand page to be one huge prayer list - there are many, many prayer requests on my heart right now, and if I don’t use this whole page to have them recorded, I think my brain my possibly explode. Please pray with me that God will do great and wonderful things in response to these prayers. 

Between work, youth group, voting, errands, some special projects around the house and listings for the new Stuff From Trees website (, I know exactly how full this page will be by the weekend. It’s times like these that having an organized and plann…

Brownie Waffles - Because There Are No Smash-Up Names That Work

Sometimes the best things are the most simple things. This totally applies to brownie waffles. You can put any kind of batter in your waffle maker, wait for it to cook in about two minutes and then decorate it to your heart’s content. I used brownie batter to make waffles for the chili cook off last night and the youth bonfire tonight.

You can decorate them just about any way you want. The brownie batter crusts all beautiful and crispy on the outside, so you don’t have to worry about it getting soggy and mushy. I set out frosting, caramel sauce, mini chocolate chips and that fun autumn mix with he adorable pumpkins. Mine looks very simplistic, almost minimalistic.

And then Danny brings this to the table. It was very possibly the most beautiful culinary creation I have ever seen. The frosting made the perfect base for a coating of mini chocolate chips, a caramel drizzle and three candy corn for good measure. But the best part was the caramel smear on the side, just like you’d get in a fa…

A Reusable Concentration Game Board

One of our favorite games to play at youth group is Concentration. Just in case you don't remember watching Concentration or Classic Concentration on television, there is a puzzle behind pairs of prizes, which are behind the numbers. It's like a giant Memory game with fun stuff behind the panels. 

To make your own version of this Concentration game, start by coming up with a rebus puzzle - pictures that become words. This rebus is day+VID (David), hand (and) goal+eye+th (Goliath). David and Goliath! The pictures are attached with double stick tape to a 25x25-inch poster board.

Next cut 25 squares of card stock 5 inches square. This layer is where you can write pairs of prize names, Scriptures and chapter/verse or any other combinations you want to make. Add in a wild card as the 25th square.

Write out you cards and attach them over the pictures with reusable mounting squares, ones that specifically say they’re designed for multiple uses. Trust me ... they’re going to get reused!


Mini Pallet Fall Art

After being sick for a week, it was so nice to just create something. We’re just about to be past fall, but I couldn’t resist making these adorable mini pallets. You know those projects that you have all the supplies for but you never get to them ... these were that for me.

I started with some plain, boring little pallets from the dollar store and made them much more realistic-looking with some pretty stain. And they only have to dry overnight to be ready to work with, which is also great.

From there, all I chose some die cut phrases, thin wood trucks and wood leaves. They’re just the right size for these minis, since they small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

I used the thinnest double-sided tape I could find. It is super sticky, so it’s perfect for this wood project.

Aren’t they the cutest? I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. And now I have two more of each of these ready to stain, along with two trays made from the same wood. Just wait until I show you what I’m go…

Words For Wednesday


Meat And Potatoes Biscuit Cups

Buttery biscuits aren’t just a tasty side dish - they can hold the whole meal together. Literally.
These meat and potatoes biscuit cups are a fun appetizer or a hand-held main course at a picnic or family gathering. With three layers of goodness inside and a flaky biscuit outside, this dish has yummy written all over it.
Ingredients: 1 lb ground beef Steak seasoning blend 1 sm jar salsa 1 bag frozen potatoes and onions 1 can (8) refrigerator biscuits
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly spray a muffin tin with nonstick spray.
2. Brown ground beef in a cast iron skillet with steak seasoning.
3. While the meat is browning, pour bag of frozen potatoes in a bowl and cook in microwave for 5 minutes.
4. Separate the biscuits and flatten each one until they’re as thin as possible without tearing.
5. Layer a small amount of potatoes, salsa and ground beef onto the flattened biscuit. Pull the edges up around the filling and tuck into the muffin tin.
6. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-22 minutes, until biscui…