He Has Made Us Fishers Of Men

Imagine the normal, everyday scene as Jesus was walking along the seashore. He came alongside two brothers, fishermen by trade, who were casting their nets into the water. Shortly He met two additional brothers who had stopped fishing for the day and were preparing their nets for tomorrow.

All was comfortably ordinary until Jesus passed by.

There was clearly something different about Jesus Christ if just 11 words - one compound sentence - caused them to immediately change their lives forever.

Jesus used parables and comparisons to explain heavenly concepts to simple people. He knew these professional fishermen would understand better if He used familiar terms, so He came down to their level to lift them up to His.

When a person gets saved, God could choose to take them straight to heaven, but that isn't the case. For most of us, we will be left here on earth for years and decades to come. This is part of God's perfect design because He has a special purpose for us in that tim…

Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Yesterday I showed you how the puppies cuddle when it's snowing, but I neglected to show you what the snow does to the property! Shame on me, right? Here's what the Carrell Wildlife Preserve looks like now that the first snow has arrived.

I can't wait to see how long this snow turns everything quiet white. And knowing this is just the first of many snowfalls over the next few months makes me smile. Hope you do, too.

Puppies Cuddled Up In Where It's Warm

The snow is falling in southern Iowa! As much as I love taking the puppies out to play in the new snow, they're pretty happy being curled up inside where it's warm. While I'm camped out on the couch writing, you can usually find them just like this.

Diesel is a big ol' mama's boy, and he often makes me stop what I'm doing to hold his paw while he falls asleep. Yes, it's adorable. I'm just glad he falls asleep faster than any dog I've ever seen.

The spare bedroom is the warmest place in the house, and the puppies treat the bed like an amusement part ride. They also curl up together in the sunshine streaming through the window.

The big dog doesn't like to lose sight of me, so she follows me all over the house. If I sit down anywhere, she comes to cuddle. If it was up to me, we'd just sit there together all day. There's not anything I really have to get done, right? I didn't think so.

There is one thing that will get them off the couch…

DIY Presentation Folder

For Danny's birthday last week, I adopted a tiger at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines in his name. The packet they sent included a certificate of adoption, a picture of one of the tigers, tickets to go feed some of the zoo animal and an adoptive parent decal. But you can't just give someone a pile of papers held together with a paper clip! Well, I can't anyway. That's why I made this presentation folder.

The size of the matted certificate gave me the dimensions for the folder. I cut two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than that frame.

Then I adhered three pieces of ribbon to act as the hinge and covered both sides of the cardboard with decorator paper.

Using the 8.5x11-inch letters, I made a pocket for the side opposite the certificate. I folded one edge of the decorator paper over...

...then the other two sides and adhered them down to form the pocket. I did the same thing with the small pocket to hold the tickets.

And then my favorite part - the cover! I raided …

Words For Wednesday


The Importance Of Election Day

Somebody assumed this week that because I don't talk much about politics, that I must not vote. I was kind of shocked because that's not the truth at all. I have voted at every possible opportunity for as long as I can remember. I feel that my vote is my voice, whether it goes with the popular opinion or not.

The reason I don't talk about politics is simple: I don't enjoy talking about it. I stay up-to-date on the topics of the day, but I don't spend the day watching or listening to the news. It hurts my brain and my heart to listen to the way government has been warped over the years. I know there have always been problems and scandals in all levels of government, but I really don't want to waste brain power thinking about who's done what to who and how many times. That sounds more like a soap opera than our nation's representatives.

That being said, voting is one of the great opportunities we have in America. We may never be able to speak face-to-face…