The Power Of Prayer

In the past week I’ve taught two lessons - one with the youth group and one with our junior Sunday school class - about the power of prayer. It’s been an amazing time of study for me because I always feel like I need to be prepared for any and all potential questions.

They are kids, after all.

With the teens, we had them use the Bible programs on their phones to look up any time Jesus prayed or talked about prayer. They wrote down the verses they thought were most important, and then got back together as a group. We went around the circle and told them to choose one verse (or passage) and explain how Jesus is our example for how, when, where and what to pray.

So many questions came from these mini lessons, and afterwards they said it was one of the best times they’d ever had at church. Any time they actively participate, especially when they are leading the lessons themselves, they give it a huge thumbs up. Now we have to study even more, since we know they have all these questions s…

Sunday Sketches

Do you have card stock? Oh my, yes.
How about decorator paper? Check.
Got fibers? Yes.
And tiny embellishments? Of course.
Then you can put together an adorable, 3D layout this week.

I made this magnet from today’s sketch, and it’s so cute. Coordinating paper helps when you want to match colors, but get creative and add in some shades and hues that you might not normally use.
When you tackle this week’s sketch, put your card stock and decorator paper background together first. Then make the ENTIRE rest of the card before tacking it down to the background. This will allow for you to wrap and tack ribbon the back easily.

The side border is one of my favorite parts of this sketch. If you use a patterned paper, you can add some accents to it, and you will have several color options to play with. Glue stuff, hang stuff and wrap stuff. Stuff is good, and the sentiment will be accented with all these lovely bits of goodness.

As The Sun Slowly Sets...

Driving home to Ottumwa from Iowa City this week, we were treated to an amazing sunset. The photos don’t do it justice, but I just had to share them with you.

The closer we got to home, the deeper the pinks and oranges turned. I felt bad for the drivers who could only see it in their review mirrors.

This is another one of those reason we love living in Iowa. It doesn’t get any prettier than this.

It’s OK To (gasp) Not Do Things

Somewhere along the way, I’ve convinced myself that I’m supposed to ... a lot of things.
Aren’t I supposed to keep working, keep moving, keep up?
Am I supposed to be accomplishing, be completing, be competing?
I’m supposed to fill my hours, use my minutes and track my seconds, right?
But where do these strange convictions come from? Haven’t I read somewhere that this is what productive people do? If I want to have it all together, don’t I have to keep it all together first? How do I get stuff done without pushing myself to get stuff done? Who wrote that article from “somewhere?” Someone who wants to be constantly moving? That’s not me. It’s who I feel like I’ve been lately, but that’s not what’s in my heart. Moving is good, even necessary a lot of the time, but moving is also why I’m tired. Moving is why I’m winded and longing for five minutes to call my own. 
It’s why I want to spend an entire day in my pajamas watching Hallmark movies and watching the snow fall. 
And that nagging voice in …

It’s True - Cookies Can Make You Feel Nostalgic

A box of cookies in the grocery store almost made me cry.

As I walked up to the bakery display, I could clearly remember having a box of these simple little cookies as a child. We would have them on special occasions, and getting to choose my favorites from the stacks. And having them divided by little papers would always make them seem fancy and quite the treat.

So the box ended up in my cart, and I had to open it as soon as I got home. My favorites have always been the cookies covered in powdered sugar, but don’t tell the other flavors that. I wouldn’t want them to feel slighted in any way.

Do you have favorite foods from your growing-up years? Do you still make them or buy them on occasion? Hopefully you’ll be inspired to find them or make them and start some new memories and traditions.

Words For Wednesday