BBQ Country Style Short Ribs In The Slow Cooker

This quick, simple recipe will let you enjoy the pride of Iowa's pig farmers with some fall-apart pork ribs. These thick, BBQ sauce-covered delicacies will melt in your mouth and have you coming back for more.

4-6 country style pork ribs (bone in or boneless)
salt and pepper to taste
1 small onion, sliced
2 Tbsp minced garlic
dash of liquid smoke
1 bottle honey BBQ sauce

1. Set slow cooker to low. Spray the inside with nonstick spray.

2. Place ribs in an even layer on the bottom of the slow cooker. Salt and pepper tops of ribs to taste.

3. Layer onion slices on top of the meat, then add garlic and liquid smoke. Pour the BBQ sauce to completely cover all the other ingredients.

4. Cook on low 6-7 hours, until meat is cooked through and falls apart. Enjoy with roasted sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables.

Words For Wednesday


Wood Burned Beads For Rustic Jewelry

Since the beginning of the year, I've been trying to finish all the projects in my craft room that I started and tucked away for some reason. I am distracted no more, but focused on accomplishing some fun things and sharing them with you. That's where these wood burned beads came from - OK, so they came from a tin in the garage, but you know what I mean.

Since Danny upgraded to a new burning tool and gave me the old one, I can't stop using it. I have so many wood pieces that can take on new life in just minutes, and it's fun to learn new techniques and research ways to use all the wood pieces I have stored away.

One of the best techniques for working with small items, like these beads, is to thread them onto a toothpick and holding that instead of the bead itself.

It makes turning the bead as you work easier, and it steadies those of us with shaky hands so the details can be much more minute.

And now, onto my beads. I tried some fun patterns like alternating and offse…

The Four Failures Of Saul's Army

From the time we were little, we heard the story of David and Goliath. As tiny little people we learned about being courageous, fighting the enemy and giving God the glory for our victories. What better way to encourage children than with the story of a young man who faced death in the name of the Lord?

In the midst of the drama and tension of the fight scene in 1 Samuel 17, the actions and reactions of the Israelite soldiers often sneak past us. Their actions - or lack thereof - should be just as important a lesson as letting God guide the stones when you let them fly.

About one-third of this chapter describes the army and its shortcomings, and there are four very distinct F's that became chinks in their armor.

1. They forgot. How many times do you read between Genesis 1 and 1 Samuel 17 that God had given them the victory? How often did He tell them that the battle wasn't theirs, but His? They had witnessed His power for themselves so many times, but here, in the heat of bat…

A Week Of Waiting For Rain

This week we had a good, soaking rain. It came out of nowhere, drenching the ground for the better part of an hour. Molly and I sat at the window and watched, mostly because it had been so long since we'd actually seen rain.

Southern Iowa has been parched of late, which is clearly seen by the layer of grime on my car. After driving on gravel roads to interview a source for a magazine article and just going up and down our own driveway, it's clear that we were in much need of a cleansing rain.

Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and has long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. James 5:7

We have a choice while waiting for the rain - we can wait patiently or we can be impatient. Think about it this way: will a lack of patience make the rain come more quickly? Will any amount of anger, bitterness, frustration or grumbling bring rain drops from the clouds?

Make this…

Dogs Need Mental Exercise, Too

Is your dog ...
whining? pacing? ignoring you? staring out the window? eating less? barking at nothing? running from window to window?
When Molly started doing all of these things, we realized she needed a little more mental exercise than she was getting. After going from three dogs in the house to just her, she's been a Velcro dog, needing a little more time and attention.
If your dog is doing any combination of these, here are some ideas that might work that busy brain in there.
* Command training. This should be a frequent event anyway, regardless of how old they are or the training they already have. Teaching and reteaching commands activates a dog's brain the same way doing a puzzle affects ours. Plus, you'll have a better behaved dog for your efforts.
* Take time every day for play. No matter how busy we are, it's so important to spend 20-30 minutes of playtime with our puppies. Even the laziest of dogs can use some interaction, and high-energy dogs need it to w…

Two Alphabet Workouts

If you're like me, doing the same workout routine every day gets incredibly boring. And when I'm bored, I give up and move on to something else - usually something non-fitness in nature.

Here are two simple and fun ways to do your workout without doing the same thing over and over. Pick the one you like best, and the one that fits your fitness level right now, and follow the instructions for increasing the difficulty level as you go.

For the first workout, see how far you can get through the alphabet before you can't go any further. Start with twice a week, then three times a week. After three or four weeks, increase the number of each exercise as your body adapts.

A - 10 crunches
B - 10 jumping jacks
C - 10 bicep curls
D - 10 squats
E - 10 push ups
F - 10 lunges
G - 10 upward rows
H - 20 second reverse plank
I - 10 alternating leg raises
J - 20 second plank
K - 10 river jumps
L - 10 tricep kick backs
M - 20 second wall sit
N - 8 crunches
O - 8 jumping jacks
P - 8 bicep c…