Staying In Touch With Pocket Letters

If you haven't heard of pocket letters, they're a fun way to celebrate a special relationship across the miles. Each pocket contains a decorated card, a short letter and some goodies. Then you just stick the whole page in a mailing envelope and send it on its way!

All you need are sports trading card plastic pages, paper and embellishments.

Cut a small piece of card board to fit the pocket.

Then use that as a template to cut your paper to fit.

I cut a second piece of cardboard slightly smaller so I could easily cut patterned paper for each pocket.

After that, the sky's the limit as you decorate to your heart's content. Some flat embellishments can go inside the pockets, but it's also fun to put some on the outside, too. I've found that brads are the easiest way to attach things like these paper flowers. Also think about an embellishment for the outside that covers one or two pockets.


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