Improve Your Photos With A White Box

 After reading multiple online articles about the importance of having a white box to take great photos, I put one together recently. I'm still playing around with my camera settings and the lighting that works best, but it's been a fun experiment.

While many people suggested cardboard boxes and window film, I emptied a plastic bin and used that as my base. I also grabbed a couple of spare bedside lamps and a couple of pieces of poster board.

I cut one pasteboard length-wise and one width-wise to fit in the box. This way I can use it either way, depending on what I'm taking a picture of. The poster board is then temporarily tacked in with masking tape.

Moving the lights around until the shadows are just right takes some time, but this worked very well in our sun room.

After experimenting with the white balance settings on my camera, I was able to get some great shots. This example is of a tree slice that I'm turning into an ornament. (More on that another day.) The lighting worked great and eliminated a lot of the shadows and dark spots I'm used to. If you try making one of your own, let me know how it goes!


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