Healthy Portable Snack And Lunches

Sweets have always been my downfall in the healthy eating department. I would much rather grab a handful of chocolate-covered anything than celery and carrot sticks. That's why, for me, having healthy food handy and already prepared is a smart idea. It lessens the temptation.

In our fridge right now, you'll find several small containers of healthy food that we can grab anytime. It takes just a few minutes once a week to get them all prepared, and thinking ahead helps me know that I don't have to resort to junk food because it's easier.

To make your own, choose your favorite fruits and vegetables, cut them into smaller pieces and divide it between the boxes. I added a hard-boiled egg for some protein with hummus and Italian dressing as dips. All of these get stored together on the same shelf in the refrigerator. Add some lemon water or another favorite drink and you've got a healthy snack or small meal.


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