Make The Most Of Your Marketing Money

If you run a home business or another type of small business, you're fully aware of how precious your marketing money is. You want to stretch it as far as it will go while still connecting with customers old and new. Whether you sell something handmade or are a consultant for an established company, make sure you're getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

* Utilize social media as thoroughly as you can. It's easy to schedule postings and promotions across multiple platforms, so use your time wisely and let people know what you're working on today.

* Take an online course in each of the social media platforms so you know what to post, when to post and how to post to attract new customers.

* If customers have given you their mailing or email address, send a short note or email to see how they enjoyed their last purchase and how you can help them again.

* If you have a subscriber list on your website, send them an update email of upcoming sales, new products or other promotions they might like. They've already given you their email address, so it's not an intrusion if you keep mailings to a minimum.

* Your friends and family are your best marketing tool, so put them to good use. Arm them with fliers and business cards, ask them to write reviews and referrals and send them out into the community to spread the word of how wonderful you are.

* Leave your business card everywhere. Look around as you run errands next week and notice how many shops and businesses have bulletin boards. Here in town there is one at every gas station, many of the drug stores and others scattered around. I check them often and make sure our cards are at eye level.

* Offer a discount for existing customers. Let them know how important they are and they'll bring their friends next time.

* Create business cards that actually show your personality. If you make something with wood, there should be something visual that screams wood - the background, a tree or a photo of your product. I make things with paper, so mine is matted on coordinating card stock. Get creative!

* Shoot a video of how and where you do your work. Do a quick tutorial on one of your most popular products. People love to get the inside scoop on how you create your beautiful products.

* Come up with one idea every day of how to get your business card or flier into the hands of a new potential customer. Marketing doesn't just happen, so plan accordingly!


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