Water Dogs

One of our decorations for Vacation Bible School last week was this kiddie pool. We filled it with sand and plastic frogs...so much fun for the Quicksand Cove!

Needless to say, I just had to have it for my girls after the week was over. With two black labs in the house, I was convinced we'd have a blast in the back yard during this oppressive heat.

Unfortunately, nobody told Bailey and Sadie that they're supposed to be water dogs. This was about as close to playing in the pool as we got. Now anywhere you look you'll find the words "love water" in the description of a Labrador. Bailey will jump into any river, pond or puddle along the way, but when it came to this cute little pool, she wanted nothing to do with it.

Sadie on the other hand hates water to begin with. She's very particular about getting her feet wet and despises the bathtub. I had hoped that the warm temps would drive her to it just for a little relief, but she wouldn't come within 10 feet of it. Danny wondered if they thought they were going to get a bath instead of thinking of it as a fun place to play. If that's the case we've got a great decorative pool in the back yard, because neither one of them will ever use it.

At the very least I can go dip my own feet in it while they sit next to it and chew on a stick. Hmph...


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