Egg Carton Cupcake Gift Boxes

This weekend I needed a great gift idea. My dear sweet friend Renee took me out for a girls' day (more info on that tomorrow), which was desperately needed. So to say thank you, I made her these mini cupcakes in a very special carrying case.

If you use a mini muffin pan, one cake mix will make around 60 tiny cupcakes. Only bake for about 15 minutes so they don't over bake and disintegrate.

While the cupcakes are cooking away, clean and dry two empty egg cartons. Decorate them for whatever theme you're planning. I hand-stamped my favorite friendship verse on the top and accented them with layers of paper flowers and a metal brad. Around the edge are coordinating stickers that cover up all the egg-related verbiage.

When the cupcakes have cooled, load them into the egg cartons. Decorate them inside the case so you don't have to try and move them, unless you really want messy cakes and frosting on your fingers. ( For these cupcakes I used the Pillsbury frosting in a spray can and flower sprinkles. Too cute!

Once they're finished, close the lid and use a ribbon to tie the two cartons together lengthwise. If you go between the cups on the bottom that way, you'll be able to pull the ribbon tighter and they won't slip apart.

So in a couple of hours I had a one-of-a-kind gift that she's probably still enjoying. And there will be plenty to share...if she wants to.


  1. You are so creative. I've been using a lot of your ideas, but they never turn out quite as good. Thank you for sharing!

  2. It's not about good - it's about creativity and thuoghtfulness. I'd rather have something someone made specially for me than a quicky store-bought gift any day!


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