Keep A Well-Stocked Medicine Cabinet

We were both a little under the weather over the weekend. I woke up one morning with a terrible sore throat and Danny spent most of Sunday nursing a migraine. We were both so pitiful, but blessedly not at the same time.

I was also blessed to find headache medicine in the cabinet. We're never really sure if it helps, or if it's the sleep and cold compress that do the trick. As for me, I found a couple of throat drops in there too, but they weren't the kind I thought we had. That, along with finding several things I didn't know we still had, opened my eyes to the importance of having what you need in the medicine cabinet.

For emergencies:
* pain reliever
* band-aids of several sizes
* hydrogen peroxide or other cleaner
* ice packs
* Neosporin or other salve
* cotton balls and Q-tips
* medical tape
* tweezers
* burn cream
* butterfly closures
* liquid bandages

For those little health concerns:
* thermometer
* throat drops
* sore throat spray
* medicine for nausea
* an allergy medicine
* cold medicine
* treatments for whatever specific conditions your family members may have

For those of us who don't have an actual medicine cabinet, store all your bits in a kitchen cabinet or in a tote that can be moved easily wherever you need it. Store all medications away from drastic temperature change and humidity. Also make sure you throw out any expired or funny-looking medicines that may have been there for a while.


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