Birthday Monkey Bread

Apparently we're terrible around here about keeping birthday secrets. I found this gorgeous monkey bread mold at Williams-Sonoma this weekend and instantly fell in love. Instead of going back later and hiding it until my birthday today, Danny let me take it home with me right then.

So to celebrate my birthday (which is today) and Danny's daughter's (which is over the weekend), we made monkey bread! It takes several hours of preparation and baking, but once it's started, the smell keeps you going!

Monkey bread is a wonderful pull-apart bread/cinnamon/sugar/glaze creation that gets all warm and sticky while it bakes. I even burnt my finger in the excitement to get a fresh gooey piece.

You can find recipes everywhere for this wonderful monkey bread, or you can buy it in a mix from places like Williams-Sonoma. The hard part will be having enough on hand - it will go fast!


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