A Love of Layers

I can always tell when my paper-crafting creativity has all flown away - I find myself slapping a sticker on a piece of paper and calling that good. It looks like something I made in kindergarten, and then I feel silly and start over.

The key to making any project, paper crafting or otherwise, look finished and put-together is to build up its layers. We put pillows on a couch, we hang pictures over the wallpaper and we layer towels on the rack in the guest bathroom. The same concept applies to crafting.

Add layers gives depth and dimension. I could have used paper here that already had this pattern on it, but it have been flat and very boring. By layering the circles and adding a metal buckle, each layer can pop off the page.

Dressing up something plain with a tiny embellishment can make all the difference. Yes, this photo mat would have looked just fine with two layers of paper, but adding one more layer - the metal brad - makes both contrast and added dimension.

Creating layers draws the eye around your project. Imagine this card if I had just stamped the phrase in the middle of the leaf piece of paper. You wouldn't have taken more than a second to look at it before moving on. With the addition of 3D embellishments and some extra layers of paper, it's more pleasing to look at.

Even without a lot of extra embellishments, you can create some fabulous layers. Simply ink-distress the edge of your paper and you'll instantly get an additional layer. Using the ink pad itself, swipe the edge of the paper in several strokes to leave a little ink. It will feather out and give it a textured look without having to mat it.

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