Say Sushi Chef Five Times Fast

Danny treated me to lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant yesterday. In the very near future I'll tell you why. (If that doesn't keep you reading, I don't know what will.)

We've been thinking about making sushi while we have company around next week, so this trip was a little recon mission. We made some about a year and a half ago and it was so much fun!

Sushi is one of my all-time favorite foods - one of those I could have every day if it were physically possible. We experimented with some flavors and made some combinations that may not be known to other sushi chefs.

If the thought of eating raw fish worries you, just remember that only a few sushi rolls actually contain raw fish. Some contain fully cooked fish, or none at all. And you can substitute any ingredients in a roll if the rest sound really great.
As you can see, ours didn't turn out in the perfect shape, but they tasted fabulous! One of my favorites was topped with kiwi fruit slices...not culturally accurate, but a wonderful taste. If you're interested in making some yourself, there are tons of great recipes out there. Just modify them to your particular tastes and have fun.


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