A Forever Home

We took Cayenne back to the shelter yesterday, and I sneezed almost the entire time we were there. I'm sure the sweet woman who greeted us at the door had no question why we had to bring her back. And she was fabulous about letting me hug her one more time, and then she shooed us out the door so I wouldn't cry right there in the shelter. So I waited until we got out the door...

So we are a four-member family again. As heart-breaking as it was at the time, it was nice to sleep until the alarm went off this morning. True, there were no purrs at my feet, vibrating me awake, but that's something to get used to. There is joy in God's mercies every morning, and that is where my joy comes from.

So here are a few of my favorite Cayenne pictures, just so I can remember for a few minutes.

She's not dead, she's just moving on the the next stage of life like we are. I know she's getting ready to go to her forever home, so that makes me happy. And I will never forget the two years of joy she brought into our home...and the pet hair that we're now cleaning off everything.

If you have a pet of any kind, give her a hug for me today. I think I need it.


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