Make Use Of Your Leftovers

Danny and I have both started back on our workout plans this week, which means replacing all the food in the house with the stuff we should have been eating all along. It also means rethinking the way I cook and use the ingredients around the house.

One evening I made a fabulous throw-together dinner with just four ingredients - all of which were leftovers from the past two days. All I used was rice, mixed vegetables, diced chicken and Zesty Italian dressing (just enough to taste). It fits everything in our nutrition guide and tasted wonderful.

After mixing them all together and heating them up, I was able to wash up those four plastic containers, freeing up tons of space in the refrigerator. Plus I didn't have to use a single pot or pan, and since I used the microwave to reheat the leftovers, it was just in minutes and I didn't heat up the oven for anything. That's the way to cook on a hot summer evening.

So what's in your fridge this evening, just waiting to get mixed together in a fabulous new way?


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