Sadie's Spot

Each of our pets has her own personality. Even brothers and sisters may look alike, but they're each their own creature. Bailey and Sadie may look like siblings, but Bailey is four months older. They came from different shelters in different counties, but they've become closer than many human sisters I know. They're sisters at heart.

One of the best parts of Sadie's personality is her gullibility. (She believes the word "gullible" itself isn't even in the dictionary.) She's the kind of puppy that will go chase the invisible ball when you pretend to throw it. She'll head to the door barking if you tell her someone's there, even though she didn't hear anything. She's just fun to play with.

This is my favorite game Sadie plays. Enjoy a rousing game of "Take the Spot!"

Some days it takes so little...


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