Turkey BLT

During the broiling evenings of summer in South Carolina, there's nothing that makes us sag even more than the thought of heating up the oven to make dinner. Adding heat to more heat just isn't a pleasing proposition.

In that train of thought, one of the most classic of sandwiches can be the perfect alternative to long, warm baking times. This turkey BLT is a great twist on the popular meal.

The bread: If you're a traditionalist, the only bread you can use for a BLT is standard white. It's what we had when we were little, so it seems appropriate. If you're willing to veer away from the norm, use a thick, whole grain bread for texture and taste. My favorite, though, is a toasted English muffin.

The sauce: Most people use mayo, especially light or fat free if they're trying to stay somewhat healthy. In reality you can use whatever condiments you like to add some zing or to tie everything together. Use sparingly so none of the other flavors will be overpowered.

The lettuce: The L of a BLT can make or break this sandwich. I like to use Romaine instead of iceberg just for its size and flavor. Plus you can cut each giant leaf to the size of your bread, saving money and energy. Wash your lettuce thoroughly before using it.

The tomato: Fresh tomatoes are best, and thickly cut is awesome. If you don't like the seeds for some reason, just trim them out after you've sliced it.

The bacon: There are many decisions to make for this one, depending on personal preference. You can fry the traditional bacon in the skillet, or you can try the heat-and-serve bacon from the box. My personal favorite is turkey bacon simply because it has much less fat and much more taste. And it won't shrivel up and get burnt like regular bacon will.


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