The Good Stuff About Your Hometown

Everybody has things they’d love to change about the town they live in. No matter the size, population or location of that town, there are always people who can’t find one nice thing to say. Whether that’s you or someone you know, I would argue that there are always - always - good things to be found around every corner of your town. You just have to look for them.

* Go on an adventure and find those outstanding outdoor spaces. 
* Find out who’s open for business on your Main Street and shop local.
* At this time of year, you’re sure to find some outdoor, open-air farmer’s markets.

* Visit one of your town’s iconic restaurants and sample something new on the menu.
* Rediscover an attraction, museum or historic area you’ve either forgotten about or haven’t been to in a while.
* Explore your city’s events calendar and attend an event you’ve never heard of before.

Instead of adding to the negativity around us, let’s flood our lives and our hometowns with love and support. There are people who need a change of attitude, and there are others who would be thrilled with your support and encouragement. That how perspectives and lives are changed right where you are!


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