My “Time To Get To Work” Planner Layout

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it - I get to go back to work in the office this week! I’ve been tela-commuting since March, so this is absolutely huge. Being in the same building as my boss will be so much more convenient than emailing, texting and calling every time we need something. So now’s the time to get to work for real!

Since there will be so much to catch up on for the first few days back at the Convention & Visitors Bureau, I made lots of spaces for lists and notes on the left hand page. Today I’ll go through the refrigerator and pantry, too, and plan out the week’s meal list. One of my favorite parts of the week, I’m telling you!

Today we also embark on a new adventure, teaching our teen Sunday school class in addition to leading Wednesday night youth group. Danny and I will be able to take turns writing and teaching lessons, plus we’ll be hosting more monthly events at our house and out of town. I’m looking forward to filling in these Wednesday and Sunday spaces now with lessons that will draw our teens nearer to God, teach them more about who Jesus is and make their own Bible study and worship more meaningful. Let the week begin!


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