A Fourth Of July Centerpiece For Less Than $10

Would you believe that I had ever single bit for this Fourth of July centerpiece in my spare closet? I store all my bulletin board supplies in there, plus decorating pieces for all seasons in there, so it was almost like shopping but in my own house! 

I’ve made at least half a dozen patriotic bulletin boards over the years, and I’ve kept many of the pieces to reuse. I cleaned out my metal tub and pulled out a good-sized bowl to use as filler.

That bowl gets turned upside down in the tub so I don’t have to use as much filler. Sneaky, I know.

With the bowl filling up the space, I only had to use about half the garland on hand. The rest will get turned into a bulletin board border some day.

This huge bow was once a chair bow for a party. I just took off the long, stretchy ribbon that would secure the bow to the chair and attached it to the inside of the tub.

From there I just layered in bows and decorations until it was filled to overflowing.

I picked up two little signs while I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago - you know, on a day when Fourth of July was on sale. That finished off my centerpiece, and I’m using it all the time on our dining room table. What do you have stashed away that you could pull out and decorate with this week?


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