Making A Paper Banner For Your Handmade Crafts

Why spend a ton of money on specialty embellishments for your paper crafts when you can make them yourself? These tiny paper banners are a great example - they’re super easy to make in miniature form on a handmade card, and you can use coordinating paper so they’ll always go together. And after you’ve made one set of these banners, you’ll want to make them in all sizes and designs ... just because you can. Trust me.

Start by folding a piece of scrap paper in half and cutting a triangle against the fold. This will be your template for all of the banners.

Then fold your patterned paper the same way. Make it a small fold so you can use as much paper as possible. No waste here!

Place your template against the fold and cut out your patterned paper banner piece.

Fold, cut, repeat. And repeat. And repeat. I made 13.

If you’re making a card with your banner, cover the card stock with your background paper. Then cut out a slightly smaller piece of patterned paper for the mat - but don’t attach it!

You need it separate for the moment so you can attach your banner string to the back of the paper. Arrange and wrap the string in a pretty pattern.

Because you cut the banners out on the fold of the paper, they’ll fold over the string like a real paper garland would.

The next part might be a little time consuming, but it’s totally worth it. Use thin pop dots to attach the front and back of the banners together. Then use your normal adhesive to attach the banner to the card. The pop dot will give it some great added dimension.

When you’re done, you’ll have adorable banners that you can embellish for any occasion! Later this week, this card will be available in our Etsy shop, so check back soon to make it yours!


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