How We Turn A Tree Into A One-Of-A-Kind Ornament

If you’ve been checking out all the new wood slice ornaments in our Etsy shop this week, we hope you’ve enjoyed the variety of colors, designs and phrases available. They’re so much fun to make, especially when Danny lets me loose in the wood shop. I love the smell of sawdust in the morning!

We took down several small trees along the driveway a few weeks ago, and many of them are the perfect size for ornaments. Danny cut the slices with the band saw, then we sanded them down really, really well so they would be easier to wood burn.

For many of the ornaments, I found stamps of just the right size and shape to fit each one. We also use carbon paper to trace our images onto the wood. Stamping is quicker and easier for me, especially with my lack of patience.

After burning the images, I decide whether they need color or not. Some, like the girls walking dogs ornaments, are perfect in black and white. Others, like this fun heart, just beg for bright colors. Then we head back out to the wood shop and drill the hole for the twine.

Do you have an idea that would make a great wood slice ornament? Message us and let us know - it might be the start of a beautiful custom order.


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