Blackberry Season Will Be Here Soon!

It seems as though blackberry harvest season is later this year than in years past. It’s almost the end of June and I saw exactly six black berries during my crop inspection yesterday - the rest are almost entirely green with a few red ones mixed in for good measure. They probably won’t be ready to pick for at least another week or two. Trying my patience...

I spoke to a woman in Wisconsin yesterday who is in the same waiting period. She has raspberries, black raspberries and mulberries to keep an eye on, and she agreed that the timing is much slower than last year. My response was, everything else this year is weird, why not our crops? 

If you type “blackberry” into the search bar at the top of this page, you’ll find a dozen recipes that will put these berries to good use. They’re mostly sweets, which is my not-so-secret downfall, but there are a couple of great main course dishes, too. I’ll be adding to that list soon - very soon, hopefully!

Do you have any crops you’re waiting on with great anticipation this year? Whether you have a big backyard garden, a few container veggies or an herb garden in the kitchen, watching them grow and waiting for them to produce can be a trial of your patience, but that harvest is totally worth the wait!


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