My “Farm Life” Planner Layout

Ok, so some days you just need to have a little fun, do something different. When I found these farm stickers in a box I forgot I even had, I couldn’t resist doing a planner spread with them. Not only am I going to smile every time I see them, they’ll make me want to write even more in it.

I also couldn’t believe the number of green embellishments I had laying around. Since this is John Deere country (Ottumwa has a John Deere plant), no other color combination could be used, right? I challenge you to pick a color, any color, and see what you have in your paper craft supplies right this minute. And, I’m sorry, but aren’t those the cutest piglets ever?

I even had list blocks and Bible study stickers in green! This week’s youth group lesson is about the stickiness of sin and how God always makes a way to escape temptation. That was too long to write in the box, so it will just say “Sticky Sin.” This may also be my last week of working from home, so I’m sure these white spaces will fill up quickly! Praying you have a wonderful week!


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