Four-Layer Summer Sunflower Cake

Does someone you know need a little pick-me-up right now? Put together this fun sunflower cake and be prepared for the smiles you’ll receive in return.

All you’ll need are two boxes of cake mix (white and lemon) and the added ingredients as directed, three cans of frosting, a package of lemon snack cakes and some pretty sprinkles.

For each cake mix, prepare as directed on the box and divide between two 9-inch round cake pans. Bake as instructed, usually 25-30 minutes. Allow all four layers to cool completely before you stack them.

To decorate the cake and turn it into a beautiful sunflower, layer the cakes with a generous amount of frosting in between. Then use the remaining frosting (saving back just a little bit to attach the snack cakes) to cover the top and sides with a crumb layer.

And now the fun part! Cover the top of the cake in sprinkles! Then cut the snack cakes in half and attach them around the bottom of the cake with a dollop of frosting. There’s your sunflower, and it’s ready to share and make someone’s day!


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