Use Up Your Scraps With Mini Cards

Imagine being able to brighten the days of 70 people with these tiny little note cards. They’re just big enough to write a couple of sentences and sign your name. And every one is different, making it great fun to figure out who would get each design and phrase.

A few weeks ago I showed you how to make five cards from one sheet of card stock. If you tried it, you’ll have two 2.25x4.5 inch mini cards to play with. I have literally hundreds of them from making cards for many years this way, and these adorable little ones pictured here help use up both paper scraps and leftover embellishments from other projects. Totally a win-win situation.

I always have so much fun combining patterns and images to make these tiny cards stand out. Can’t you picture tucking them in someone’s purse, pew or coat pocket? You can have so much fun with these! And you can follow my pattern to make them yourself, or you can find several sets in our Etsy shop available for purchase.


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