A Prayer For The Important Things

A very dear friend made this amazing sign for our youth group room. She told me that as soon as she saw this quote, she knew it would be perfect for our teens, and I would have to agree.

We’re trying to teach the teens that it’s not about us - it’s about God and our relationship with Him. The important things are the people in our lives, our communion with the Lord and the desire to lead others to Him. These four prayer nuggets will be a great way for our youth to focus on the things God says really matter.

* Eyes that see the best in people: In a world of negativity, it’s easy to judge, to hate and to respond in anger. But God says to see people the way He sees them - as souls He created for a purpose. When we trade our vision in for His, we will see the potential, not the present.

* A heart that forgives the worst: Forgiveness is one of those things that benefits us more than the person who has wronged us. When we forgive the worst things done to us, we free ourselves from that burden and open up doors of peace and reconciliation. It can be incredibly difficult to forgive even in the best of circumstances, but the rewards can be pretty spectacular.

* A mind that forgets the bad: We may be told to “forgive and forget,” but that is easier said than done. With God’s help, though, we can put the past behind us and move on. The other person may never know that you’ve forgiven them, but you and God know, and that’s enough.

* A soul that never loses faith in God: No matter the circumstances around us, we can stand on the solid rock of the Lord. We can be hit on every side by trials and temptations, but with Him in our very heart and soul, we will never waver. There are days when we think we’re going to break from the pressure, but our faith stands strong when we’re complete in God.


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