Fall Begins To Appear On The Carrell Wildlife Preserve

Praise the Lord, it's finally fall! There's not too much color out here on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve yet, but you'll find some if you look close. This is my favorite tree on the property, and it's already get some gold around the edges.

The most vibrant oranges come out right around sunset, when the sun is almost but not quite down. If there's an actual break of dawn, I think there's one at dusk, too.

This fall we have half a dozen does and young deer on wildlife preserve. It's fun to see the yearlings that we saw when they were tiny fawns. I'm like a proud aunt watching my babies grow up big and strong.

We're trying to teach the puppies that we like deer and they don't have to bark at them. It's definitely a challenge when the deer are everywhere, but we want to make sure they stay here, too. All of them are healthy and beautiful like these two, which is such a blessing.

As we welcome cooler temperatures and more fall colors, I just pray that God will continue to bless us and our property in the days to come. We are already blessed beyond measure, and that's not just a catchy phrase. We've prayed such a protective hedge around our land, and God has been so faithful to provide.


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