Hazelnut Fluff Frosting

Yesterday I shared my special fall spiced cake recipe, complete with pumpkin nuggets baked inside. Today I’ll show you how to make the most amazing frosting and then use it to make an incredible layered dessert.

To make the frosting, you’ll need a 12-oz container of whipped butter cream frosting, a 13-oz jar of marshmallow fluff and a 13-oz container of hazelnut spread.

While the two layers of cake from yesterday’s recipe are cooling, empty the container of butter cream frosting into the bowl of a stand mixer. On low speed, cream the frosting for about a minute. Then spoon in the marshmallow fluff and cream it together for another minute.

When you add in the hazelnut spread, you can take one of two directions. For a completely brown frosting, turn the mixer on low and combine completely. For a swirl frosting, only let the mixer paddle circle six or seven times so you see both white and brown swirls through it.

Cover the first layer of cake with about 1/3 of the frosting. Then put the second layer of cake on top and finish with the rest of the frosting. If you’re adding decorations to the top like I did, you’ll want to add them while the frosting is still creamy, as it will turn all beautiful and crunchy as it sets up.


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