Sunday Sketch

When you’re making a card or scrapbook page, sometimes you have to let the sentiment speak for itself. You don’t want the layout to be so full and busy that the words get lost in the chaos. This sketch is a great way to make that one word or phrase pop off the page!

For my card, I chose my patterned background paper first, then coordinated the card stock and embellishments with it. That pattern is cut 1/4 inch smaller so you can see a small border of red around it.

The embellishments are my favorite part. They’re all 3D, they’re all jeweled and they all sparkle like crazy! The textured card stock behind them puts the spotlight on the sparkle.

Ready to make this sketch your own? Start with a beautiful patterned paper, then choose two colors of coordinating card stock. Cut the patterned paper slightly smaller than the card so you can mat it with a border.

Then come the fun decorations! Embellish to your hearts content, making it sparkling like I did or something a little more subtle to suit your taste and the patterned paper you chose.

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