It’s All About The Little Things

One of the most wonderful days of the year is when our Sunday School prizes come in the mail. We fill a treasure chest with fun little trinkets that our 2nd-6th graders can take home with them for working hard in our study every week. They’re just tiny things, probably not valuable to anyone else, but our kids are always super excited to see what’s new and that makes it fun.

This week I chose a few sampler packs from a favorite online store, and then I waited somewhat impatiently for the box to get here. It only took two days, but I was still pretty antsy for that whole time. I like little things too!

So yesterday I took a new chest into the classroom, filled with lots of new toys and crafts inside. I especially love the rubber balls that say Smile - Jesus Loves You, and the flying discs that say Exercise Your Faith - Walk With God. I couldn’t wait for those four boys to see what all we had picked out for them. To say they were excited would be an understatement. As soon as the first bell rang, we were all gathered around the chest to see what there was and what the others were going to pick. Let’s sum it all up by saying everyone walked out with smiles on their faces.

What is it about little things that makes us so happy? It works with tiny appetizers, itty-bitty puppies and baby toes. For some of us, the smaller the better.

Did you know God feels the same way?

Think about Jesus’ parable of the talents. The two servants who traded and increased their talents were applauded and blessed. This story is where the phrase “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” comes from. The lord of the house would now trust the servant with more because he was faithful with the little things. (Matthew 25)

How are you doing with the little things in life? Are you diligent in the small things God has given you to do today? As we start this new week, we all have errands to run, rooms to clean and laundry to do. They don’t seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but they are chosen responsibilities just for us. God wants us to excel at the small stuff so we’ll have the right heart attitude about the larger things on another day.

My prayer today is that we’ll get just as excited about the little things on our to-do list as we do about the huge new projects. Our devotion and obedience to God right now mean everything when He wants to trust us with something bigger.


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