Sunday Sketch

Did you ever have a card or other paper craft that just absolutely fell together as you were creating it? That’s what happened with the card for today’s sketch. I had the gold metallic paper for the background and the velvet, textured paper for the strip down the middle and - ta da - this fun, simple sketch that really packs a punch.

For my card, I covered a 4.5x6.25-inch white card stock card with the metallic paper, using a little more adhesive than normal since the paper is thicker and less flexible than the usual paper. Then I matted a 4.25x6-inch piece of black card stock on top. The velvet paper is trimmed down to show strips of both gold and black along the sides.

I finally had the opportunity to use this beautiful Bible image, and it’s raised on 3D adhesive to help it stand out. Both it and the phrase are matted on the same black card stock.

Ready to make this sketch your own? Start with your two colors of card stock for the background of your card. Then cut a strip of patterned paper to run from top to bottom. Don’t stop at the edge of the smaller card stock panel, but run it over to the outside edge of the card to have just the edges showing.

Then you’ll need a large, vertical image that fits in the middle of the card and a sentiment of similar width to go underneath it. From there, you can embellish it however you’d like.

Did you fall in love with this card? You can find it, along with dozens of other cards, journals, pens and wood gifts in our Etsy shop. You’ll also get some great inspiration for projects of your own. We’ll look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!


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