Set Up A Caramel Apple Bar

Caramel apples are one of the staples of autumn. Sure, you can make them and eat them all year round, but there’s something about apples and caramel and fall that just go together. So what better time to put a caramel apple bar together is there than the fall teen day at our church? There’s not a better time ... I was just testing you.

We slice our apples before putting them on the sticks, which makes them so much easier to eat. Plus, if they’re smaller pieces, you can have several with different toppings. We put each topping in a separate bowl and rolled the Carmel-covered apple slice in the bowl. For the most part this was effective - remember that these are teenagers. (wink)

We had so much fun seeing who could come up with the most creative apple slice. But mostly we just created, ate and enjoyed our time together. Added bonus: we had birthday fellowship at the end of teen day, so we used up most of the leftover toppings. Yay!


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