Five Ways To Really Live Like It’s Autumn

Iowa in October is so weird. One minute it’s cold and blustery, so you wrap up in a sweater and scarf. The next minute the bright sunshine comes out and you’re glad you have some layers to take off. Rain one day. Sun the next. Clouds to follow. And I won’t even talk about the white stuff, even though we’ve had that this time over the years. Won’t even go there.

So how can you make it seem like fall, even when you’re not really sure that it is?

1. Start your fall baking. Think spice cake, pumpkin, maple syrup and lots of grains and oats. (Maybe not all together, but you understand.) Use leaf cookie cutters, acorn baking dishes and serving trays covered in pumpkins.

2. Do a fall cleaning. Fix up the house the way you would for spring cleaning, but replace warm-weather accessories with autumn ones. Put away the light-weight blankets and pull out the pretty, chunky ones. You can create warm looks with candles, rich colors and just the right sprinkling of leaves and acorns.

3. Appreciate the trees before they’ve lost all their leaves. Go for a walk in the park, bring home some fallen leaves for craft projects and take tons of pictures. It won’t be long before they’re covered in snow and you’re longing for the days of red, yellow and orange!

4. Have a harvest party! Make your own spiced apple cider. Share those baked goodies. Take a group picture surrounded by fall trees and bushes. If you can, start up the fireplace or use your fire pit for s’mores and cocoa.

5. Get cozy. If you change out the clothes in your closet each season, now’s the time to bring out the scarves, sweaters and boots. Add a jacket to your favorite summer outfits to make them last a little longer in your wardrobe. Find your favorite chunky jewelry and The leather and suede bags you love so much. Take advantage of these few days of autumn weather!


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