The Stories Behind Special Orders Make Me Smile

A friend ordered a dozen Christmas cards from me this week. Normally that’s nothing unusual because she’s one of my best and favorite customers, but this one is pretty special. And not just because I’m finally working on more Christmas cards. Yay, Christmas!

These 12 Christmas cards are going to a woman suffering with depression and anxiety. From what I understand, she doesn’t leave the house much, so these cards will be a way for her to connect with the outside world. A few hand-written lines in a handmade card can make all the difference in the lives of more than one person.

My friend also told me that she had tried to speak to this woman about God, without much success. So she asked me to put a simple Bible verse inside that could be a witnessing tool. So I chose one of my favorites: Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

Glory to God. What an amazing way to start a verse of Scripture. Everything else in the Bible revolves around these three little words. I pray this short but well-known verse will touch her heart and the lives of the 12 people she sends these cards to.

Stuff From Trees is about so much more than creating something out of paper or wood and having someone else like it enough to buy it. Our shop is about the people who have an interest in our work and the stories behind each purchase. All of our pieces are prayed over, that they will minister to the hearts and lives of everyone they touch. This is the best and most important part of why we do what we do.


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