Why Is Money A Touchy Topic?

Money is a difficult subject to discuss, especially in a poor economy. We're all looking for ways to save money, spend less and find ways to be prosperous financially. However, when advice is given and suggestions made, our defenses go up.

We're constantly talking about spending habits, giving encouragement to be better stewards of the money God has given, and we listen to preaching about tithing. Then the rubber hits the road and follow-through isn't so easy. We try to rationalize and work around the knowledge we're given because it doesn't suit how we picture our lives.

There's something special about leaving home as a young adult and finally getting to spend money on what we want. There's no one standing over us regulating our purchases or handing out an allowance. There is freedom in our finances, but we're not always equipped with the information necessary to be satisfied and financially sound.

We can also feel like we're being analyzed or judged, even in our own household. Too often we aren't on the same monetary page as our husband, so communication about finances is difficult. Without a soundboard and accountability partner, money flies out of the house as we don't even realize how quickly it's happening. That leads to being defensive about the choices we make and frustration when there's little money left at the end of the month.

What excuses would you try to use when you stand before God and explain how you used His resources? But Lord, I just loved those clothes and jewelry. I just had to have that new furniture, car, house, boat...whatever the case may be. We don't want to be told how we should be using that money, but God will look at the impact that spending had on your family, home and relationships.

In God's greater plan for our lives, money and finances are only important on one level. We can be as touchy about how we spend our own money as we want, but God will look at how we used it for His glory.

Having a positive attitude toward whatever you have been blessed with can drastically change the way we look at someone's advice, the amount of money we determine to save and how we choose the purchases we make. Satisfaction in God's blessings can change the way we look at the job we have, our husband's income and the cash flow of our home.

There may be times in the upcoming weeks and months when money is tight and we get frustrated. There may be pay checks that won't cover everything we had planned. There may even be days when we don't want to think about money at all. Those are the times when we need to fall to our knees and thank the Lord that His provision is always there. Money is a tiny thing in the grand scheme of things, especially when compared to His marvelous blessings.


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