Fight Neglect, Use Your TIme For Sweetness

Everywhere you look you'll see how the devil is trying to destroy marriages. He'd like nothing better than to breed neglect and apathy in our relationships with our husbands. If they wither away, we can't serve the Lord as a team in the ways He has planned for us.

Did you realize that in just five minutes a day you can support your husband, give him your love, make him laugh, and solidify your relationship? Here are 30 ideas for how to do all those things - use one a day for the next month and see how your marriage can blossom.

1. Write a love note. Tuck it in his wallet, sock drawer or computer bag.

2. Send an e-mail with a cute cartoon attached.

3. Surprise him with a phone call at work. Make sure you leave a message if he can't answer.

4. Offer an evening foot rub. Believe me...this works wonders!

5. Turn off the television and eat together at the table.

6. Cook a favorite meal that you haven't made in ages.

7. Hold his hand as you walk through the parking lot.

8. Say something sweet about him to your friends and let him overhear you.

9. After you say goodbye in the morning, wait at the door and blow him a kiss.

10. Do one chore around the house that he's mentioned frequently.

11. Go for an evening walk together.

12. Scan the newspaper ads for something fun and different to do together.

13. Rent his favorite movie - then actually watch it with him, even if it's not your favorite.

14. Send him a text message that you're praying for him.

15. The next time you order pizza, rearrange the pepperoni in the shape of a heart.

16. When he comes home from work, drop whatever you're doing and greet him with a kiss.

17. Write "I love you" on the bathroom mirror with a little soap. It will suddenly appear with the steam from the shower.

18. Make a batch of cookies, brownies or cupcakes for him to share at work. He'll be thinking about your kindness all day.

19. Present him with a bowl full of Hersey's Kisses. Then he gets one from the bowl, and then a real one from you.

20. Before he leaves in the morning, ask if there's anything he needs you to do for him today. Or anything you can pray about for him.

21. Burn a CD of his favorite songs. Put it in the car's CD player so it will play when he starts the car in the morning.

22. Go somewhere outside of town and watch the stars come out.

23. Add something to his collection - whether it's books, CDs, ball caps or computer software. He'll appreciate that you understand him.

24. Have family altar time together.

25. Print out a great picture of yourself, the two of you together, or the entire family for him to carry in his wallet.

26. Run by while he's at work and secretly leave a flower and love note on the car seat.

27. Have an "unplugged" evening together. No phones, no television, no computers.

28. Put together some traditional sports food and watch his favorite team with him.

29. Find out what his favorite childhood dessert was and surprise him with it.

30. Scan your wedding photo and set it up as his computer wallpaper.

The time these ideas take doesn't matter - it's the effort that means everything. And remember that love and kindness aren't part of a to-do list, but an expression of your heart.


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