Personalized Switch Covers

Part of the fun that comes with keeping a home is being able to add all the little touches. With the first full week of Autumn behind us, it's time to add a fall feel in some small ways.

This light switch cover is the perfect way to start. While you can use any theme you'd like, I'm ready for some signs that it's almost October.

Start with an inexpensive, plastic cover. I chose ivory to offset the fall colors I was using. You can find them in the home improvement section of any department store for less than a dollar.

Choose your embellishments wisely. Remember that the piece will be hanging vertically on the wall, so heavy pieces or anything not securely attached will fall with gravity. You also want to be very careful about overlapping anything onto the back of the cover. In case of a spark from the light switch itself, you don't want anything back there that could catch fire.

So I used lots of rub-ons, sticky embellishments that add some dimension without creating bulk or weight. First were the borders across the top and bottom. Then I added some random scrolls, pine cones and leaves.

A 3D chipboard scroll in the top corner adds some great texture. And most important: the Worship The King label across the bottom fit perfectly. Then use the included screws to attach it over the switch, being careful not to scuff or tear the embellishments.

These make great gifts - coordinate a light switch and outlet cover set. Make a princess one for a little girl, race cars for a boy or plaid and paisley for teenagers. For more sophisticated rooms you can match colors and patterns from the furniture or change them with the seasons.

This light switch cover, along with many other gifts and cards, are available for purchase in my etsy shop. Come visit at


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