Bears and Their Chairs

Believe it or not, these adorable chairs are an answer to prayer. Danny surprised me with them the other day in two different ways. The first was that I didn't know he could make them, and the second was that he wanted them put in our etsy shop.

That was the answer to prayer part of the day. When we first opened Stuff From Trees, we were going to make it a collaborative effort. Danny does amazing work in his wood shop and I wanted to make cards. Both wood and paper come from trees, hence the name.

Well, when you're a funeral director and embalmer, spare time for hobbies is hard to find. I went ahead and built up our shop with paper crafts, still praying that God would bring our dream of a couple's project to fruition.

So when Danny brought these two tiny chairs into my craft room, I immediately sent up a thank you prayer. We now have something together that can strengthen us as a couple and grow our etsy shop. All in one little wooden chair.

These chairs are one-of-a-kind pieces that we will have available for special order. You let Danny know what size you want and he'll custom-make it just for you (or your bear, whatever the case may be). Go to for more information.


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