Taking Time To Get Refocused

When I was in the second grade I got my first pair of glasses. I'd done so much reading in the first few years of my life that I was already near-sighted. The chalkboard was a little fuzzy, so off we went to the eye doctor. And I've needed them ever since.

Recently I took the leap and got contacts. Yes, a 33-year-old woman finally got contact lenses. It was definitely an adjustment because they're a little extra work than throwing your glasses on and forgetting about them. The contacts are weighted, and that took some getting used to. Since I very rarely get them in straight to begin with, it takes a little while for them to get centered. In the meantime everything looks a little hazy around the edges.

Isn't that how we head out into the world most days? We're in such a rush that the morning is still a little fuzzy...but that's alright. We'll manage, right? Just like my contacts, the world will get refocused at some point while we're hurrying through it, won't it?

Have you ever started a day...

1. Without prayer. Not spending time one-on-one with the Lord is like facing the day with just one contact lens in. You can struggle, you can close the other eye and try to focus, and you can even give up altogether. That's the hardship of a Christian woman without a prayer life. Taking a few minutes before the day starts puts everything back into focus and allows God to give direction and meaning. That should clear that vision right up!

2. Without a plan. Do you know everything that needs to be done this week or are you just going to wing it? You may have a general idea but the specifics are a little hazy around the edges. How can we be effective servants for the Lord if we're not even sure what needs to be accomplished today. Again, our prayer time will shed some light on the subject, but there's nothing quite so simple as a plan of attack.

3. Without a positive attitude. Stupid chores, silly errands, difficult people, cancel today for lack of interest. Yes, that's the attitude I'd like to contribute to the world today! But if each one of us can confront each situation of the day with God's love, we can have a profound impact on the people around us. Nothing takes away that morning fogginess like focusing on other people.

4. Without a partnership. But not with your husband, your family or your sisters in Christ. The only partnership that is truly going to matter today is the partnership with the Lord. Things are going to happen this week that will throw your vision out of focus. When you start to look a little cross-eyed at the world, rest in the partnership you have with God, listen to how He's directing your path and look at each situation through His eyes. Only then can you see things with crystal clarity.


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