Stained Glass Window For Paper Crafting

One of the greatest parts of cleaning out your clutter is finding things you forgot you had. When I emptied out my craft room a couple of weeks ago, I found stamp sets and idea books that I hadn't seen in years - even moving boxes full that hadn't been opened, and we've been in our new house for almost a year and a half!

One of those sets was this beautiful fall Thinking Of You set that just looked to me like stained glass windows. This is one of those techniques that I've always heard about but never tried, so this set was the perfect opportunity.

1. Stamp the image with embossing ink. Use black embossing powder and heat emboss.

2. Color the image with colored pencils or watercolor pencils and a blending pen.

3. Cover the image with Liquid Glass. Let the image dry and then cut around the edges.

The finished pieces of stained glass can be used like any other 3D embellishments and adhered to the page using strong adhesive.
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