Disrespectful Owner Situation

The morning routine around our house is pretty typical. Danny leaves for work by 7:30, and the girls and I walk him to the car. Then we continue on our walk for 15-20 minutes or until Sadie says it's time to go home. Hip Dysplasia out-votes everything.

The past couple of weeks have been a challenge for that walk time, though. At the far end of our street is a home that lets their dog loose to roam every morning at about the time we set out. Several times this big black dog has charged my girls causing all sorts of growling, barking, pulling and general confusion. One time we walked/pulled/trotted past as quickly as we could, and another we turned around and came back to the house.

Danny suggested that we take a different loop, heading the other way to circle around the conflicted area. This was a fabulous idea and we've done it several times, but it doesn't alleviate the problem. The dog is wandering further down our road now - I saw the neighbor across from us chasing him back down the street the other morning. If it's all the way down here now, who knows how far he'll go. And one morning this week I saw him running with another black dog - I think they're building a pack!

I have no idea what house he belongs to, I'm scared to take my girls down that direction and I'm a little tired of altering my route to appease someone else's pet. It may seem like a little thing, but I have to protect my girls if this dog's owner isn't going to take responsibility for his pet.

Do you have thoughts on the subject? What are your ideas for solving this annoying problem...no, drugs, guns and chemicals cannot be used. Please help us have pleasant walks again!


  1. I would suggest calling Animal Control, but keep in mind, they have to tell the owner who reported them. I hope you have this problem taken care of soon.


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