Do You Eat Differently When You Travel?

We're spending the last of our marathon days in the car today. We're only stopping to eat, stretch, use the facilities and get back on the road. It's good to travel and it's wonderful to come home. Just a few more hours!

The tricky part of the stopping to eat part can be deciding where. The first two meals we ate were at chain restaurants where we might have gone if we were back in South Carolina. N0thing special, just something we were craving.

Later we had a huge buffet dinner at the hospital's restaurant. We don't normally eat that way, but it smelled so good, and that was the family decision. They had a wide assortment of carve-while-you-watch ham and beef, beautiful fresh fish and the most wonderful dessert table. I tried to camp out by the brownies, but there's some silly rule...

Breakfast at a hotel usually means eating food that you don't normally make at home. You can find some pretty healthy meal choices, but there's also the temptation to overindulge or load up on something just because it's there and it looks good.

Do you eat at any of the local spots or stick to what you know?

Do you keep your normal eating schedule or do you eat whenever time allows?

Do you watch what you eat or is traveling a time of indulgence?

Please pray for our traveling mercies the rest of the day. And for where our next meal will be.


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