I've Been Hacked!

It amazes me what lengths man will go through to be evil.

Danny got an e-mail from me the other night that I did not send. He knew I did not send it because I was nowhere near my computer when it was sent. This is a very scary feeling, not knowing what's being done in your name.

When I signed into my e-mail, it was clear that someone had hacked into my account and sent a link in an untitled e-mail message. And because they could get into my contacts list, they sent it to about a dozen random people - relatives, friends and even a former boss.

I refused to click on the link to see what it was - that's just opening a can of worms...possibly literally. So I quickly sent my own e-mail warning my entire contact list not to open this e-mail or any others that appeared fishy. Then I canceled that account, one that I had for many, many years. I think that irritated me as much as anything.

I beg you to be careful about what you do and don't do online. There is so much potential for evil through the computer, and this is just a basic example.

* Please, let everyone you send messages to know that you won't ever send them e-mails without a title or strange links with no explanation.

* Please, use the software your computer has to identify any places that are susceptible to hacking. You can check for spyware and adware and all kinds of nasty, evil lCheck Spellingittle things lurking on your system.

* Please, don't go on any weird sites that might even possibly be attached to anything. If you do a search on some topic, don't go to web address that you aren't very familiar with. That's where hackers hide out looking for new computers.

* Please, log out of your account when you're done sending messages. It's like leaving the door open at night with the light on. It takes two seconds to log back in.

* And please, report any suspicious e-mails to your account host. They need to be aware of what's happening on their site so they can stop it.

Protect yourself now so you don't have to try and fix a situation later. Believe me, it's not a fun way to spend the evening.


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