Oh, I'd Make Time For THAT!

Have you ever heard yourself say, "There's just no time left in the day!" and then actually looked at your schedule? I've noticed in my own life that there are lots of things that I'll definitely make time for, even when I'm beyond busy.

We complain that there's no time to get all the housework done, but how much time do we spend shopping for clothes?

It seems like there's no time to squeeze in Bible study in the morning, but there's plenty of time to get on the Internet for a while.

Maybe we don't correspond with friends and family like we should, but we can spend several hours in front of the television each night.

The piles of papers around us continue to grow, but we're busy on the phone with our friends.

Our family never spends quality time outside of the house, but there's time to take on one more extra-curricular activity.

We tend to make time for the things we feel are most important, whether they truly are or not. I don't want to be the kind of woman who sits in front of the computer or television when there are things that need to be done. I pray that I'll balance out my schedule between the have-to's and the want-to's just so they all get done.

So what do you have in mind for your schedule this week? What are you willing to make time for to follow God's calling in your life? It may be rescheduling what you've got written in ink in your calendar, but the eternal benefits are worth it.


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