My Prayer Journal

This is by far my favorite item to make and sell in my etsy shop. All of my pieces are special and important in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but there is just something about a prayer journal that touches my heart.

1. Wrap decorator paper over the top of the notebook, covering the advertising.

2. Cut the short side of an 8.5x11 piece of card stock to fit the height of the notebook. Adhere the notebook centered right side of the card stock with the strongest adhesive you have.

3. Fold the left edge of the card stock over, creasing it along the edge of the notebook to create the cover. Mark and trim off any overhang on the right side.

4. And now comes the fun part! Decorating the cover with layers of decorator paper and embellishments is truly my heart. And this is my favorite Scripture to use for a prayer journal - one of two or three that I love.

This journal even has a special 3D name plate on the bottom band for you to write the recipient's name. I love that special touch for a gift!

This prayer journal, along with many other cards and gifts, can be purchased in our etsy shop:


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