The Secret Wreath Attachment Tool You Already Have!

So I decided this week, when it was 80 degrees outside, that it was probably time to take down the front door wreath with the sweaters and snowflakes on it. I know, I don’t want to rush things, but it just seemed right. To take its place, I put together this fun and beautiful flower wreath, perfect for spring!

I can’t remember when exactly I was given this white wreath as a Christmas present, but I use it over and over, season after season. Watch it become a spring wreath before your very eyes!

I snagged the green leaf garland from my spring centerpiece and laid it on top of the wreath, with the ends tucked in at the top by the hanger. It doesn’t matter if it’s not attached anywhere else because the flowers and embellishments will hold it in place.

I have a collection of these jeweled butterflies, which are attached to clips for easy attachment. Clipping the butterflies over the garland to the rings of the wreath form holds the garland exactly where you want it.

I started with the two largest ones and saved the smaller ones off to the side for the moment. And now for the secret wreath attachment tool you already have ...

... paper clips! Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be, they’re perfect for attaching flowers to a wreath without buying wire or using hot glue. Just straighten it out and it’s ready to go.

I punch a hole at the base of the flower with the tiniest screwdriver in my set.

Then thread the paper clip through the hole and bend it slightly. Now all I have to do is push the paper clip into the wreath, wrap it around the wire frame and the flower is perfectly in place. And as an added bonus, it’s super easy to remove when you want to change it out for something else.

I did this with several flowers, then filled in the holes with smaller butterflies, tiny white flowers and more greenery.

And this finished wreath is now brightening up our front door! The best part is that everything I used, including the secret paper clips, was something I already had at home. Do you have something tucked away that would make some beautiful spring decorations?


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